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Serve delicious Thai food since 2010.

My wife and I used to be a customer like you do. We could not find the true flavors of Thai food at any restaurants we visited. Later on, we cooked for ourselves and occasionally for friends . Most of our friends like our foods.

In 2009, the Subprime Mortgage Crisis leads to the great recession. Everyone was having a hard time. We sat down together and made decision based on our small saving. We went for the restaurant opening idea. We had put out our saving at risk, but honestly and truly believes in good foods and services.

All foods serving in the restaurant come with true flavors from Thailand. The food can be very spicy when it supposed to be spicy. And that is the true flavors of Thai food. We provide our best service possible thru our well trained staffs. We hope you enjoy your visit and keep continue support the restaurant.


All My Best,

Songtham Pinyolaksana

Elephant Jumps Salad
Crispy Scallop Basil
Grilled Shrimp Salad
Elephant Jumps Rice Bowl
Pad Thai
What can we get for you? Tom Yum Goong
Roti Green Curry Appetizer
Serve delicious Thai food since 2010.
We frequently update our special items.
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8110 A Arlington Bvd, Falls Church, VA 22042 | * Mall entrance is on Gallows Rd.* | phone (703) 942 6600

                                                        Friday & Saturday starting at 4:30 pm you can also call (703) 942 6604